Kārlis Bergs


The Threshold is a short film about the largest managed pollination event in the world. About two thirds of the United State’s bees are imported to California’s Central Valley every year to pollinate the endless fields of almond orchards. At the heart of the film is a 74 year old bee broker, Joe Traynor, who has worked all his life cultivating bees and managing beekeepers. The film portrays the current catastrophic state of bees and Joe's last pollination season as the Central Valley’s most prolific bee broker.


Director: Kārlis Bergs

Editors: Andrew Siedenburg & Kārlis Bergs

Camera: Kārlis Bergs

Sound: Andrew Siedenburg



Joe Traynor


Peri Traynor

Jose Luis Godinez

Carlos Ramirez

Veronica Magana

Mayra Magana

Gustavo Chavez

Ruben Castañeda



Tacoma Film Festival 2020

Short Riga National Competition / Riga IFF 2020

Built with Berta.me

Karlis Bergs | 2019