(Dir. Kārlis Bergs, short doc, 22 minutes, DCP, color, sound, 2020)


Riga International Film Festival (premiere), Tacoma Film Festival, Black Hills Film Festival

This documentary marks my directorial debut, where I undertook the roles of director, editor, and cinematographer. The journey was nothing short of intense, as I navigated the challenges of capturing footage and crafting the narrative within the tight confines of a mere three-week window during California's Almond pollination season while being stung multiple times by angry bees.

Throughout this process, I honed the skill of simultaneous shooting and editing, a necessity born from the constraints of time. This approach afforded me the ability to identify what was lacking in real-time and make necessary adjustments on the fly.

In this journey, I had the privilege of connecting with individuals who graciously entrusted me with their stories, enriching the documentary's depth and authenticity.

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Role: Director, Editor


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